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StudioWe are a project recording studio catering to songwriters with recording, mixing, and mastering needs.  We have the capability of recording 16 tracks simultaneously.  Normally, 8 tracks are reserved for the drum kit.

Country SnowThis is a private studio located in a quiet country setting near Maiden NC.  We are currently looking for talented songwriters and musicians in the Pop and Country genre that are willing to collaborate and share resources. We always need talented session players (guitar, drums, keyboard, etc.) and can trade studio time. If you have some talent that you’d like to share with us, check out our submissions page.

We do audio and video tutorials on Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X. Here’s an example: How can you improve the audio quality for your GoPro Camera? I’m using the iPhone 5 with the iTalk App to record audio and sync it up with the GoPro Hero 3 Camera. This GoPro tutorial will give you a brief overview of how it’s done!

If you have a tutorial idea you’d like to see on Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X, or Final Cut Pro X, let me know and I’ll try put something together. Check out our Logic Pro X Tutorials Here!

We are willing to take on mixing and mastering projects on a case by case basis. Contact us for details.

Songwriting and Music Production Studio between Charlotte and Hickory NC